Since 1985, Construction Consultants has provided the South Plains of Texas with durable, energy-efficient homes.

Enjoy amazing, energy-efficient homes with custom home builder services from our contractor in Lubbock, Texas. Construction Consultants provides custom home building and construction services for residential and commercial clients living in Lubbock and the South Plains of Texas. Contact us for additional details on our service.


Construction Consultants is diverse and flexible when it comes to accommodating your needs. Stewart has been building homes in Lubbock, Texas since 1985. He believes each home he builds should be as special and unique as its owner.

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Not only does Stewart Townsen build a first-rate, quality home, he is quick to include his customers in the projects, walking them through every step of the building process. Please take a moment and browse our photo gallery.

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Emerald Home

The Close family's home in a west central Lubbock, Texas neighborhood may look ordinary, but it is far from it. It's the only energy-efficient building between Oklahoma and the southern Texas border awarded Emerald Level status.

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About Us

A mark of true greatness is the ability to accurately envision the future and anticipate the coming trends, welcoming change with open arms rather than having to be pushed, kicking and screaming, into the ways of the future, thereby "missing the boat."

Stewart Townsen of Construction Consultants is a visionary and a much-needed breath of fresh air for the South Plains building industry.


What are ICF's?

Insulated Concrete Forms are hollow, interlocking polystyrene blocks that stack like masonry, incorporating vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement. Concrete is pumped into the cavity to form a wall, capable of going from foundation to rafter in multi-story applications... more

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